Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 15 of Training

Hooray!!!! I ran 2.2 miles today without stopping to walk. I have never ran that far before. I actually went three miles but I walked during the last mile. My legs feel a little sore and I'll be sure to workout tomorrow. I don't want the lactic acid to build up. That happened earlier in the week. Ouch! Every time I'm at training I get more and more excited about doing this. My teammates are so much fun and everyone is so supportive. Kinda funny that I ran with my boss today. One of our Honorees came to practice. It really reminded me why I'm doing this. It's not all about running a Marathon. It's about making a difference in another person's life and showing your support I will not be the same person after this Marathon. I can't imagine not doing this all the time and I'm already thinking about the next event. Maybe triathlon.

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